Now open to our American friends.

PortugueseWater Dog Breeders are invited to advertise their kennel by submitting a business size electronic ad. This Business card will remain on the site for a full year.

The cost of $35/year.
All proceeds will go towards the
PWD Rescue (more information).

You may submit your own Business Card or forward your information / picture / desired colour(s), specific Font type, and an AD will be designed for you by Ruff'n Designs - free of charge.

Portuguese Water Dog Breeders may advertise/Brag their New Championships, ROMC's, hopefuls, etc etc,on the PWD Brag Mag portion of the site.

3 months $ 35
6 months $ 50
12 months $65

You may change the ad/image as many times as you like.

You will automatcially receive your own "breeders" directory with all the ads that you have placed for a full year.

Sumbit your own Ad.... or Inquire to have one made for you at a minimal charge by Ruff'n Designs